Disney Princesses left stumped over Scottish accent in new film

A sneak peak of Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 film has left viewers around the world stumped as they try to understand a Disney princess’ thick Scottish accent.

Now watched nearly 2 million times on YouTube, the clip shows Merida loosely explaining the plot of Brave to the other Disney princesses at a sleepover but struggles to be understood.

In the clip Merida, voiced by Kelly McDonald, says, "I gave my mammy a cake, she turned into a big bear, my auld yin tried to dae her in. If that's no a pure mess I don't know whit is."

Moana then replies, "We can't understand her.”

Anna from Frozen then jokes, "She's from the other studio.”

43 per cent of viewers can't understand Merida

Many viewers from outside Scotland struggled to understand the Scottish character

Many viewers from outside Scotland struggled to understand the Scottish character

The clip from the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph has now gone viral with joke memes being shared widely across Twitter.

And according to one Twitter poll as many as 43 per cent have claimed they cannot understand what Merida says.

But for those more familiar with the Scottish dialect, it is pretty simple to translate.

@WisteriaMelody Tweeted, “Just saw the Ralph Breaks the Internet clip with Merida. I loved it. Understood every word she said, too. I think I'm going to like Merida best in this film because I had issues with her in Brave.”

@qxeenholland also Tweeted, “The clip of Merida in ralph breaks the Internet is funny but non Scottish people trying to understand it is funnier.”

And @paulsonsantigo said, “merida’s scottish accent in ralph breaks the internet is literally gonna be my favourite thing to watch the americans try to understand it.”

Although Disney has not added any subtitles to translate for Merida, here is the full translation of what the princess says: “I gave my mother a cake. She turned into a big bear. My father tried to kill her. If that’s not a problem then I don’t know what is.”