Dentist who faked his own death faces hearing

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A DEBT-RIDDEN dentist who faked his own death in a £1.8 million life insurance scam is to appear at a disciplinary hearing of the General Dental Council later this month, accused of falsifying documents to obtain work in Britain.

Emmanouil Parisis was jailed for five years in March last year after he admitted forging documents to show he had died in a car crash while on holiday in Jordan and fraudulently claiming a total of £1.85 million in life insurance policies.

Following his fake death, he started a new life in Scotland under the name of Neil McLaren, working as a dentist in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.

Plymouth Crown Court was told Parisis faked his own death because he was £395,000 in debt and was about to be barred from working as a dentist under his old identity after a string of complaints.

Parisis is now due to appear under the name of Neil McLaren at a hearing of the Professional Conduct Committee of the GDC in London on 24 February, accused of procuring entry on to the General Dental Council’s dentists register in the name of Neil Edward McLaren with the use of faked documents.