Couple told to remove Saltire that was ‘lowering the tone’ of their street

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A couple have claimed they received an anonymous note telling them the Saltire they hung in the window of their house was ‘lowering the tone of the neighbourhood’.

Shane Semler, who is American, and his Italian partner live in Paisley and put a Scottish flag inside their window.

Picture: Kimberley Powell

Picture: Kimberley Powell

The pair told The National they were stunned to read a note that had been posted through their letterbox, which told them to take down Scotland’s national flag.

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The note said the Saltire in the window was ‘lowering the tone of the neighbourhood’.

The unsigned missive went on: “We appreciate you are very proud to display this. However, it’s not something that looks attractive to the eye when you enter the street.

“Would you please kindly remove it or even have it to the back of your property.”

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Mr Semler said he asked neighbours individually whether they sent the note, but none confessed.

He said: “Someone said that this is an upmarket place – it’s a nice neighbourhood, but it isn’t filled with multimillion dollar mansions, so I guess they just don’t like the Scottish flag.

“I know there’s a bit of commotion between Unionists and people who want independence, but I’m surprised that they would actually send a letter to us and then lie about it.”