Commuters asked to help spot wildlife on rail tracks

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COMMUTERS have been urged to contact Network Rail if they spot injured animals on the train lines, after an owl was hit by at least two trains near South Gyle station.

Jennifer Davidson, 34, from South Gyle, said she and fellow rail passengers watched in horror as the bird, which had been sitting by the tracks, was "sucked" underneath two high speed trains on Friday morning.

Ms Davidson said she attempted to remove the badly injured owl - which the SSPCA believe may have been of the rare barn owl breed - but it moved to the other side of the track, where ScotRail staff would not allow her to go.

The lawyer's office worker called the SSPCA, but was told the charity would require Network Rail's permission to rescue an injured animal from the line.

On her return home, Ms Davidson said the owl was still at the side of the track.

"It was moving its head, looking around, but was obviously injured and had been lying there all day," she said. "When I checked on Saturday I couldn't see the owl. If I could afford the 200 trespassing fee I would have got it myself."

Network Rail's hotline for reporting injured wildlife on a railway line is 08457-114 141.