Captain Calamity rescued again from Shetland seas

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A YACHTSMAN nicknamed Captain Calamity for being accident prone has been rescued for the second time off Shetland.

The Aith lifeboat saved Stuart Hill from his home-made boat in the Sound of Papa on Sunday after the 20ft vesselwas swamped by a heavy sea.

The 65-year-old, originally from Essex, has been rescued seven times by coastguard teams during an ill-fated attempt to circumnavigate the UK in a converted rowing boat, named Maximum Exposure.

Earlier this year Mr Hill declared a 2.5-acre island in Papa Sound, off the mainland of Shetland, independent from the UK and the EU.

Mr Hill said he was using Forewick Holm, renamed the independent state of Forvik, to demonstrate that Shetland had never legally become part of Scotland and therefore should break away from the UK.