Cabbie’s blog helps others lose weight

Matthew Sheerin has a motivational slimming blog. Picture: Scott Louden
Matthew Sheerin has a motivational slimming blog. Picture: Scott Louden
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A taxi firm owner from Loanhead has set up a blog about his battle to lose weight, inspired by a recent wedding he had to attend without a suit.

Matthew Sheerin (33) owns United Private Hire Taxis in Bonnyrigg. He decided last month that he had to make a change in his life.

Weighing in at 21st 10lbs, he made changes to his eating habits and lost 10lb in a week.

He said: “I went for a suit for a wedding the Friday before Christmas and realised I was two sizes bigger. I had to wear a polo shirt and jeans, as I wasn’t willing to spend money on a suit that size.

“That’s when it hit me, that I don’t want to be that size any longer. It certainly gave me the push I needed. It’s been an ongoing battle for a long time. I have tried and failed at various different diets.

“I think that by putting it in the public eye this will give me more motivation to keep it going.

“If I can change my life, lose the weight, and through the Facebook page save another person from obesity by inspiring them, then it’s served its purpose.”

Last year Matthew was diagnosed with sarcoidosis – a rare condition that causes small patches of swollen tissue to develop in the organs of the body – and he was told by his doctor in October that he needed to lose weight.

He admitted that he had another reason to lose weight this year: “My wee boy is a standard bearer at the gala day in June, one of the principal parts. So I want to look smart.

“One of my drivers, Alan, who was heavy as well, went to personal training sessions and he lost weight. So I spent time with him and he went through everything with me.

“Ideally I want to be around 13 and a half to 14st. But realistically I just want to be able to walk into a shop and get an outfit that fits. You don’t get much choice at my size.

“This started when I was ten. I was an ice cream laddie and liked eating the sweets in the van more then selling them. It’s been a constant battle.

“When I got to adulthood, and now have four kids, that’s when you realise what is important in life.

“I want to thank my amazing wife Amy, who is a massive driving force. Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner without blinking an eye and changing the way I eat.”

Matthew Sheerin’s Facebook page “My Big Fat Blog” has more than 1000 followers. Go to