Britain’s most unwanted: All requests made to other UK councils to house rapist refused

Protesters gather outside the Parliament to force Robert Greens out of his home
Protesters gather outside the Parliament to force Robert Greens out of his home
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DA Vinci rapist Robert Greens cannot be housed by any other council in the UK – because they have all refused to take him.

Campaigners have been told that requests for a possible transfer of the convicted sex offender were sent to other councils in Scotland, England and Wales. Protesters said they were told every single authority asked refused to take him because of his high-profile offences and the publicity surrounding his re-housing.

The meeting between campaigners, Midlothian Council officials and partner agencies of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) took place earlier this week at Fairfield House.

MAPPA officials suggested that the protest be dampened down, in an effort to entice councils who might potentially be willing to house Greens.

However, protesters have rejected such claims, believing them instead to be part of a cynical ploy by MAPPA to silence their campaign.

Organiser Kelly Parry said: “At the meeting MAPPA claimed that other councils are scared of his media profile and as a result won’t take him.

“They also said that if after six months he had complied with what MAPPA were asking him and the protest had died down then other councils might consider taking him.

“This is rubbish as far as we are concerned, they could very easily give him a new identity and move him somewhere else without any publicity and no- one would be any the wiser.

“They want us to quiet down and go away but we won’t.”

A MAPPA spokesman said: “The council, Lothian and Borders Police and NHS Lothian all have a statutory obligation to manage and house sex offenders on their return to the community, in line with Scottish Government legislation.

“It’s not possible to make long-term arrangements for Robert Greens to be housed elsewhere.

“We are grateful to other local authorities for the assistance they’ve previously given. But, ultimately, Robert Greens is from Midlothian.”

Protesters have demonstrated outside Greens’ secluded Bonnyrigg cottage every night following his rehoming last week and yesterday they delivered their message to the Scottish Parliament.

David Dempster, 42, from Mayfield, said: “We are here to defend community rights, as it seems it’s only his rights that are being considered. This monster has to be removed from Midlothian. Local residents are hardworking taxpayers and it’s not right that Midlothian Council just dump this convicted sex offender nearby.”

Conviction to confrontation

April 2006: Robert Greens is jailed for ten years after being found guilty of raping a 19-year-old Dutch student at Rosslyn Chapel in May 2005.

January 2012: Greens is released from HMP Saughton after serving two-thirds of his term.

February 2012: Residents stage a protest outside his new home in Dalkeith. Later that month he is removed after more than 100 people march on Midlothian Council’s head office to protest.

February 2012: He loses his court bid to avoid an order restricting his movements as it emerges that he has been diagnosed as a psychopath.

February 2012: A 100-strong mob descends on a homeless unit in Loanhead after rumours spread that he is living there.

March 2012: Greens is spotted walking around the Capital having being rehoused in a hostel just yards from a city primary school.

April 2012: Midlothian Council insist a decision to remove two round-the-clock social workers is not due to cost, but follows a fresh risk assessment under Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements.

May 2012: Greens is moved out of the Lothians to a secret location as part of work to “re-integrate” him back into the community.

June 2012: Residents lay siege to his new secluded home on the outskirts of Bonnyrigg.