Band barred from bridge gig get own back with video

The iconic bridge turns blue
The iconic bridge turns blue
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IT was the job that some people thought would never end.

But just weeks after workmen finally completed painting the Forth Bridge in its iconic red, a local band has turned the structure blue.

Bwani Junction's cheeky video sees them paint the iconic Forth Bridge blue

Bwani Junction's cheeky video sees them paint the iconic Forth Bridge blue

Bwani Junction had wanted to play a gig on top of the bridge for the workers that this week completed the decade-long project of painting it – only for Network Rail to veto the plan due to safety concerns.

So they instead got approval to play on the Forth Road Bridge and decided to base the storyline for the “Two Bridges” video around breaking on to the rail bridge and painting it blue to upset Network Rail.

The Queensferry-based band, who are seen as one of Scotland’s most promising emerging acts, worked with Granton-based engineering firm Hepburn Fabrication to build parts of a replica bridge that they painted blue and then used computer technology to give the impression that they had transformed the appearance of the bridge.

Dan Muir, 19, the band’s lead guitarist, said they enjoyed featuring the bridge in their first full video. He said: “It is one of the most iconic structures and it is an amazing sight. Growing up near it is a bit like people that live in Paris and are not that fussed about the Eiffel tower, but despite that we really wanted it in the video.”

Painting the bridge, which has always been regarded as a never-ending task, was completed this month after a new type of paint was used that means repainting is not needed for another 25 years.

The four members of the band are friends with some of the staff that worked on painting the bridge and thought it would be good to mark the final touches with a gig high up on a cantilever of the bridge.

“We talked about doing a gig and tying it in with the video because it would have been a great opportunity,” said Mr Muir. “Balfour Beatty and the workers were up for it but Network Rail said no.

“We know a few of the guys that work there and they are getting laid off so they feel a bit neglected and we thought it would be a good thing to do.

“Network Rail said that because of health and safety it would not be OK, then the day after the One Show were up there and the local Rotary Club were abseiling off it, which is a lot more dangerous than a few amps.

“The [Forth Road Bridge operator] FETA guys were great and after Network Rail turned us down we thought ‘let’s build our own rail bridge’. They’ve just finished painting it red so we thought we’d paint it blue and get one over them.”