Baby Ramsay spurs Nicola Reynolds on for Sands

Nicola Reynolds will run for the Sands charity
Nicola Reynolds will run for the Sands charity
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A MOTHER is set to lace up her running shoes to take on the Great Scottish Run to raise money for a charity helping to support families through the death of their baby – just three years after the tragic death of her infant son.

Nicola Reynolds, 43, will take on the running challenge this month to raise vital funds for Sands Lothians following the death of her son Ramsay who passed away from an undiagnosed condition called Vasa Praevia.

Software engineer Nicola said she was overjoyed when she and husband Anthony found out they were expecting their first child in July 2014.

However, at 37 weeks pregnant Nicola, from Livingston, went into early labour during the night.

She recalled: “I got up to go to the toilet and turned the light on and realised that the liquid was blood rather than water. I wasn’t in any pain and as it was my first pregnancy I didn’t really think that it was anything to worry about and was excited that my baby was on its way.”

Anthony then immediately drove Nicola to their local hospital in Livingston. The midwives detected that the baby’s heartbeat was slow so Nicola was rushed in for an emergency C-section.

When Nicola awoke on 12 February 2015, she was told that sadly her baby boy, Ramsay, had not survived.

Nicola added: “Everything had happened so quickly which made it even harder for me to process. It was an hour from when my waters broke to wakening from the C-section to then be told the devastating news about my baby.

“I had lost five pints of blood so I spent the next 24 hours in a high dependency ward. I was then transferred to the maternity ward for bereaved parents, where I spent four days. I got to meet Ramsay, hold him and spend time with him, as did Anthony and our close families.”

She said: “Leaving the hospital was the worst day of my life. I was leaving the hospital without my baby alongside other couples who were leaving with their new-born babies.”

When Nicola arrived home she was quickly introduced to Sands Lothians who provide support to families following the death of a baby through specialised bereavement services.

Nicola continued: “Sands Lothians have been an incredible support to Anthony and I. Within a week or two of arriving home Sands’ CEO Nicola Welsh came out to our house. It has also been extremely comforting to meet other parents and families in the same position.”

Nicola revealed she took up running to help raise money for the charity and is determined to complete the challenge to honour Ramsay’s memory.

She said: “I never used to be a runner, but I wanted to do something as a thank you for their support over the years and raise awareness of the incredible work they do”