Armed robbers steal millions worth of jewels in Ritz Hotel raid in Paris

The famous Ritz Hotel in Paris
The famous Ritz Hotel in Paris
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Armed robbers have carried out a daring raid at the luxury Ritz Hotel in Paris, seizing millions worth of jewels.

French police said five thieves, some of them armed, have stolen goods from a jewellery shop worth “an important sum”.

The French TV station BFM reported that £4.19 million worth of jewels had been taken.

It was not clear whether any of the loot has been recovered.

The men armed with axes smashed a window at the shop inside the hotel about 6pm GMT.

No-one was injured in the heist. Three robbers have been arrested, with the other two escaping.

The luxurious five-star Ritz is located in Place Vendôme, in Paris’ historical first district on the right bank of the river Seine. The ministry of justice lies next door.

The hotel includes a gallery shopping area near its rear entrance, which it says hosts five shops and 95 “showcases”, selling jewellery, watches and luxury clothing.

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