Anti fascists to protest Scottish Defence League march today

A previous anti racism march in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL
A previous anti racism march in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL
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A far-right organisation will hold an ‘anti-terrorism’ march on Edinburgh today.

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) plans to gather in Market Street, outside Waverley Station this afternoon.

The SDL claimed it wanted “to stop the Islamisation of the United Kingdom”.

However, the Unite Against Facisim organisation has said it will stage a counter-protest.

Police will also have a strong presence at the march.

The SDL has held a number of small demonstrations in Edinburgh in recent years.

Those attending are usually significantly outnumbered by police officers and counterdemonstrators.

On its Facebook page, Edinburgh Unite Against Racist SDL says: “Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh would like to give our condolences to all the families and friends of loved ones who have been killed and injured. There can be no justification for such horror.

“Islamophobic groups like the SDL are not concerned about the victims or relatives of this atrocity; they are only concerned about how they can profit and build their organisation on the back of the anger generated by this attack.”

Last year around 400 people marched through Leith in a peaceful anti racism demonstration, with about 20 members of the SDL staging a rival protest.