Alex Salmond on RT: UK facing ‘total humiliation’ over Brexit

Alex Salmond is hosting his RT chat show. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire
Alex Salmond is hosting his RT chat show. Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire
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Alex Salmond beleives Britain is facing “total humiliation” over Brexit as he focused on leaving the EU in his second show on RT.

The former first minister interviewed former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell on his second televised programme on Russia Today. Mr Salmond also chatted to Sir Jackie Stewart about campaigns focusing on dyslexia and dementia, while former MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh looked into Scotland’s potential links with the Arctic region.

In the main interview, Mr Campbell launched a scathing attack on the Government’s Brexit negotiations and called on Theresa May to “show real leadership”.

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He added: “We are in such chaos, such a mess.

“I’ve never seen such a shambles.”

Mr Campbell also hit out at current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who he claimed has “given up talking about Brexit”.

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Tony Blair’s former spin doctor said that people who had voted for Brexit were “entitled to change their mind” and that the UK was “voting for our own decline”,

Mr Salmond ended the programme by having his say on Brexit, saying Britain was “facing total humiliation”,

The former MP, who lost his seat in June’s general election, argued for a Norwegian arrangement or for the Brexit process to start again.

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Mr Salmond will host a St Andrew’s Day special in his third show next week.