Alex Salmond ‘happy’ to talk to officers investigating sexual harassment claims

Alex Salmond denies allegations against him
Alex Salmond denies allegations against him

Alex Salmond would be “happy” to meet police officers investigating sexual harassment claims made against him, the former First Minister’s solicitors have said.

Mr Salmond’s legal firm Levy & McRae issued a statement as it emerged that Police Scotland have upgraded their investigation into complaints made by two women against the former First Minister.

Mr Salmond is seeking a Judicial Review into how the Scottish Government is handling the complaints which date from when he was First Minister, but only came to light last month.

Levy & McRae said that the firm had written to Chief Constable Iain Livingstone.

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The firm’s statement said: “Mr Salmond’s focus is on the petition for judicial review against the Scottish Government, which is now on-going at the Court of Session. We have had no contact from Police Scotland. However we have written to the Chief Constable making it clear that if they require in the future to speak to Mr Salmond on any matter our client will be happy to meet with his officer.”

Police Scotland has upgraded its investigation into the allegations, which Mr Salmond has denied.

Previously, Police Scotland has said it was “carrying out an assessment of information which we have received and inquiries are at an early stage.”

It has updated its description of the case to say “our inquiries continue. We will not be commenting further”.

The new form of words is understood to indicate that Police Scotland has moved beyond the “assessment” stage where Scottish Government information was being examined to a full blown inquiry where witnesses are expected to be contacted.