Woman who shot her daughter's 'bullies' with airgun has 'no regrets'

A mum who shot two teenage 'bullies' with an AIRGUN insisted she has no regrets - as her daughter was tormented and attacked to the brink of suicide.

The incident took place in Old Avenue, Auchinleck. Picture: Google Maps

Anne Carson, 40, kept a BB gun among cereal boxes in her kitchen, and on May 21 last year took potshots and a boy and a girl, both aged 14, as they walked back from school on their lunch break.

She remains convinced that the pair were responsible for bullying her daughter, also aged 14, who became so distressed by the torment she moved down south.

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The furious mum says she tried everything to resolve the situation through the proper channels but ended up having to take matters into her own hands.

Anne claims her 14-year-old daughter was so distressed by bullies she wrote suicide notes in class.

The teenager claims her classmates filmed her being pushed down the stairs, verbally assaulted her, pulled her hair, and made her life a nightmare everyday.

Despite pleading guilty to two charges of assaulting a person aged 14 by presenting an air weapon and discharging said weapon, and striking the victim on the body with a pellet at Ayr Sheriff Court, Anne says she has 'no regrets'.

A judge warned her 'this is not the wild west' as he spared her jail.

But Anne claims neither her daughter's school, nor the police, did anything to help resolve the situation - which the school disputes, saying it 'provided support'.

Anne said: "I had been on my way home and the kids were giving me abuse, so I hung out my kitchen window and started shooting at them.

"They were just giving my lassie such a hard time.

"I thought enough was enough.

"I know I was in the wrong but I don't regret it.

"I felt like I was due to have a nervous breakdown because of all of it.

"I took things into my own hands because it was horrible seeing my lassie like that.

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"I was at my breaking point.

"About 30 boys had been harassing her and made her have suicidal thoughts at school.

"A few times they got her down at the swing part as well, and shouted at her, kicking her, and pulling her hair.

"I told the school there was a problem and all they done was put them in a room and told to sort it out themselves.

"I even said to the bullies' parents, I'm giving you one warning - get this stopped.

"I also had the police out, but because they were under 16 they let them get away with it."

Anne's daughter, also aged 14, has now moved to England to get away from the bullying.

However they remain close and speak on the phone every day.

Anne, from Auchinleck, East Ayrshire, added: "Sometimes she would keep it all to herself, but other times I could just tell by her face that something had happened that day.

"Now she's moved away, I don't see her at all anymore but we talk every night and she seems happier.

"She didn't deserve how she was getting treated."

A spokesman for the school, in East Ayrshire, said: "The head teacher and the senior management team, with officers from the council, provided support to Ms Carson and her daughter while she was a pupil at the school.

"The council has clear guidelines and procedures for dealing with incidents of bullying.

"Our teachers are highly professional and have access to advice and guidance from psychological services and counselling, that can be made available both to pupils and their families.

"Every effort is made to resolve incidents of bullying and holding meetings with the young people and their families is an important part of this.

"Action was being taken by the school to reach a positive resolution and provide all appropriate support to Ms Carson and her daughter.

"The head teacher and his team were deeply saddened that this matter ended in such a distressing manner."