What's happened to... Grace Jones?

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IS GRACE Jones really going to make a musical comeback in 2008? The imminent, alleged appearance of Corporate Cannibal, her first album since 1989, has been the subject of internet gossip for over a year now, but the album has yet to be released.

Given the sometimes erratic quality of Jones's previous musical output, perhaps the delay is because Corporate Cannibal is rubbish, but it certainly sounds intriguing. According to the MySpace page of Ivor Guest, a London producer who has written scores for films such as The Business and The Football Factory, and who has apparently completed production duties on the album, Corporate Cannibal will feature contributions from Sly and Robbie, Brian Eno, Tricky, and Martin Slattery and Ant Genn of pop duo The Hours, among others.

The problem with comebacks, of course, is that they are often fantastically exciting only until they actually happen, but Jones's appearance at the Triptych festival in 2003, with Sly and Robbie as her backing band, did nothing to damage her reputation, and brought back fond memories of her glory days. Who wouldn't want to see her prowling the stage once more, in an array of fabulous hats, singing Slave To The Rhythm or I Need A Man? She could eat Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and even Alison Goldfrapp for breakfast.

Grace Jones, singer, fashion icon, actor, sex symbol, chat-show host assaulter, will turn 60 in May. That would be rather good timing, one feels, for a return to the spotlight. But Jones has always done things on her own terms. The lady will appear just as soon as she's ready.