Viral Digest: Five of the week’s best videos

FROM sharks to Scottish banknotes, we chart the moments that have been doing the rounds on social media this week

The two staff members told Peter Mechan, inset, that they could not accept Scottish notes
The two staff members told Peter Mechan, inset, that they could not accept Scottish notes

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

In part two of the Back to the Future series, released in 1989, Marty McFly travels forward in time to 2015. While trying to find his bearings in this strange futuristic world, he is memorably terrorised by a 3D trailer for Jaws 19. It was an amusing reference to the number of frankly appalling sequels to the 1975 classic that were produced around that time. Now, as the actual date Marty supposedly visits fast approaches, Universal Studios have released a spoof trailer for Jaws 19 - with the promise that it will be ‘coming soon’ to a cinema near you. Fans of shark-based thrillers shouldn’t hold their breath, however.

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Your money is no good here

Many Scots will have experienced the frustration of trying to pay a shopkeeper, barman or taxi driver south of the border with a Scottish banknote, only to be met with a blank stare of incomprehension or a flat refusal. Peter Mechan received an apology from the official Rugby World Cup Shop after his Scottish banknote was refused at the Uruguay v Fiji game in Milton Keynes on Tuesday. His video of staff members refusing the cash prompted hundreds of comments on social media.

Tears on the dancefloor

Even the most cold-hearted of cynics will be left damp-eyed after watching this performance on Australia’s Dancing With Stars - think Strictly down under. Bindi Irwin, daughter of the much-missed wildlife presenter Steve Irwin, breaks down after completing a routine to Aaron Krause’s cover of The Police classic Every Breathe You Take with dance partner Derek Hough.

Elementary, my dear Watson

Christmas has come early for fans of the BBC’s hit drama Sherlock. A trailer for the forthcoming seasonal special has already attracted more than 700,000 views since being uploaded this week. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, this time the intrepid duo are cast back to Victorian England.

Scoring on and off the pitch

They’re probably the two greatest players of the 21st century, but they’re not known for being best pals off the pitch - or are they? Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo pop up in an unexpected way in this rather silly - but very funny - clip created by one fan.