Video: Friends go viral after hilarious ski slope calamity

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The antics of four gym friends from Lanarkshire have notched up 2.4 million views and 25,000 shares on Facebook.

A video of a group of amateur snowboarders has gone viral after a friend filmed their disastrous attempts to get up a Scottish ski slope.

The friends visited the Nevis Range near Fort William.

The friends visited the Nevis Range near Fort William.

After a few beers to fight off the cold, Tony Galloway filmed a determined Alexander MacFarlane being dragged all the way up the slope.

The group of gym friends from Mossend in Lanarkshire were in fits of hysterics as they lined up to take the ski lift up the slope on the Nevis Range near Fort William.

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One by one, they either tripped up or fell off within a few seconds of grabbing on.

Posting the video to Facebook, Tony Galloway said: “Watch Zander get dragged up the hill on his back,” adding, What a day boys - no laughed so much since last years antics.”

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The video has already clocked up 2.4million views on Facebook and been shared around the platform 25,000 times.