PROOF that disproportionate violence can be funny, Victor Legit initially appears to be like many unwarranted character acts, just another pompous fool oblivious to his own failings.

Yet he emerges as something far more compelling. A ridiculously macho surveillance officer for the Federation Against Copyright Theft, Legit is the personification of those mildly hysterical piracy condemnations at the start of DVDs.

Playing Victor as "50 minutes of pent-up homosexual aggression", saturnine Colin Farrell-without-eyeballs, Adam Riches is a veritable monster, but one who partially turns you round to his uncompromising vision, even as his own guiding principals come under attack. If this was theatre, Legit might develop as a character and adjust his personality in the face of his limitations. But this is satisfying, low-blow comedy, and he snaps back and far further into angry type.

There are more subtle acts at the Fringe and Legit remains rather one-dimensional. Yet few comic creations are quite so well embodied. There's a great deal more potential in this gruff, Yakult-quaffing maverick, and hopefully he'll be back.

Until 27 August. Today at 1pm