These are 15 of the 'greatest places in the world' - and 2 are in Scotland

Time released their top 100 places in the world recently, and Scotland has two entries.

Picture: Flickr
Picture: Flickr

From national parks to libraries and an Instagram-worthy digital museum, these are 15 of the 'greatest places in the world', part of Time magazine's 100 greatest place 2019. Scotland featured twice, one destination in the places to visit category and the other in the food and drink section.

This futuristic world's immersive experiences had put it on the list.

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This architectural wonder is the library's central hub and is flooded with natural light.
Listed under the food and drink category, the Macallan's modern distillery and visitor centre is one of two places in Scotland on the list.
The other Scottish entry is the eye-catching V&A museum, which opened late 2018.
Chillida Leku is a 27-acre outdoor museum filled with late abstract sculptor Eduardo Chillidas work.
Opened in October 2018, this former Japanese military base is now home to the largest performing-arts center in the world under a single roof.
This 185,000-sq.-ft landmark 'library of the future' opened in in December.
This national park has an elephant herd that is now one of the largest in Africa, and offers visitors a chance to see wildlife in a natural habitat.
This new black-sand beach at Isaac Hale Beach Park is the result of last year's eruptions at Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
This bustling creative hub in the citys Vedado neighbourhood is well worth a visit.
This opulent home is the former personal estate of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.
After being all but destroyed in the Second World War, this theatre was returned to its former glory in 2018 after eight years of construction.
This 500-acre area is encircled by a mesh barrier that keeps predators to native species, and is the worlds first fully fenced urban eco-sanctuary.
In 2004 this national park was re-envisioned as a human-rights parkone that both protects wildlife and invests in nearby communities.
This Instagram-friendly museum is the first dedicated to digital art, and has proved hugely popular.