Scotland Myth vs Truth: 12 Scottish clichés that are (mostly) untrue that you can drop before visiting Scotland

Is it true that you usually hear bagpipes here? Are Scottish accents really as strong (or unintelligible) as the ones in movies? What IS the situation with kilts and wearing underwear? Keep on reading to separate Scottish fact from fiction.

You can easily find articles on tourism and culture but many may propagate certain myths or inaccuracies about the area you’re researching.

While every country has its stereotypes, Scotland can be seen as a particularly strong example given the country’s legacy in pop culture via the film and TV industry.

After all, who hasn’t seen some episodes of Outlander or Braveheart?

The question is, however, how much truth do these myths hold, or are they flat out lies?

Here are 12 common misconceptions about Scotland and what their truth is, allowing you to separate fact from fiction in this beautiful country.

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