Proclaimers 500 Miles: Where could The Proclaimers walk 1,000 miles just to fall down at their door? Mapped, a journey from Leith

Scottish twins The Proclaimers, born in Leith, declared they would walk 500 miles (and 500 more). We investigate how far afield the door they could’ve fallen down at could be...

Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 2:29 pm

In The Proclaimers’ famous 1988 single “I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)”, the Scottish duo committed themselves to walking 500 miles, and indeed 500 more, out of devotion to their love.

But where could that have taken them?

Based on the radial distance from Leith where the two were born, we can estimate what countries the pair could’ve passed by, even which one had the door at which they fell down.

However, best to point out now this estimation does not factor in real world factors like road curves or seas blocking The Proclaimers’ route (sadly they cannot walk on water.)

With that said, here are 13 countries The Proclaimers could have passed by if they walked 500 miles, or indeed 500 more.

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