Commonwealth Games: Glasgow to enjoy tourism boost

Scottish judo gold medalist Sarah Clark conducts the RSNO at Glasgow Airport. Picture: PA
Scottish judo gold medalist Sarah Clark conducts the RSNO at Glasgow Airport. Picture: PA
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GLASGOW’S tourism industry will be one of the big winners of the Commonwealth Games, according to VisitScotland.

The tourism body said hotels and restaurants have had some of their busiest days on record in recent days, with many businesses expecting the “Games effect” to bring more visitors to the city.

Some visitors to the Games have also reported a desire to extend their stay in Glasgow or return again in future.

VisitScotland said a recent survey has also revealed that up to 100,000 spectators are combining their Glasgow experience with a longer trip around Scotland.

Mike Cantlay, chairman of VisitScotland, said: “Glasgow has delivered one of the best-ever Commonwealth Games. But while the sport draws to an end, the party is set to continue with some visitors extending their stay to enjoy the many amazing things that Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of the country has to offer.

“Over the past 10 days, there has been an incredible buzz in Glasgow - the city is packed, the venues are exceptional and the hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes are enjoying one of their busiest-ever summers.

“But it’s the people that will help ensure Glasgow benefits long after the Games end.

“It is the people of Glasgow that visitors, athletes and the media are talking about, and it will be their warmth, passion and enthusiasm that is remembered.”

Ryan James, chairman of Glasgow Restaurant Association, said many city restaurants had their busiest day on record last Saturday.

He said: “Glasgow has proved to be a revelation to so many visitors who have come here for the Games.

“Visitors not just from far afield either - we’ve had people from just outside Glasgow or from other cities, who have been surprised and delighted by how fantastic and vibrant Glasgow is.

“This is Glasgow’s time to shine; it’s a proud moment for the city and for all the partners who have worked so hard to achieve this.”