Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh criticised for ‘out of touch’ call for Stockbridge Pizza Express to be replaced by ‘classier joint’

Irvine Welsh before an event at Leith's Biscuit Factory last year.
Irvine Welsh before an event at Leith's Biscuit Factory last year.
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Edinburgh writer Irvine Welsh has faced criticism on Twitter after posting an ‘out of touch’ celebration of the possible collapse of Pizza Express.

“Swimming against the tide but delighted that Pizza Express is f***ed, if only because that incredibly romantic site it occupies in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, on the river, is now freed up for a classier joint,” the Trainspotting author wrote on Twitter.

Many Twitter users responded angrily to the post, arguing that if the chain collapses many people could lose their jobs.

Others also pointed to the ‘gentrification’ of Stockbridge, saying that locals may not be able to afford a more high-end restaurant.

User Dott wrote: “Cool - f**k the young people who work there so millionaire can have more expensive cuisine when he visits. Nice.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Inverleith Hal Osler retweeted the post, musing: “interesting view…”

James E Davis added: “Never mind those staff who have worked there for years, as well as their other outlets, 1000s affected, but hey ho as long as your Stockbridge site can be transformed into something more akin to your liking.”

Another user, Julia, wrote: “Wow, someone’s lost touch.”

SavannahGir said: “There are too many ‘classy joints’ in Stockbridge: I like having someplace where my friends and I can afford to eat, in a nice setting where we can sit beside the river. When did you get so upmarket? I’m not sure it suits you.”

Mandy Melrose wrote: “What a classier joint that working class people of Stockie can’t afford.”

However, some users agreed with the writer’s view.

Balders wrote: “Absolutely, probably the best spot on the water of Leith taken up by a chain.”

Robbie Vision added: “Can never forgive them for despoiled the area around the Kings Wark, once my local and boozer of choice, not to mention the atrocities they’ve committed on the south side of town.”

Another user, Faerie Ro Bell appeared to agree with the writer for different reasons.

They wrote: “I had a meal with my ex partner there. I always hoped that both it and he would fall into the Water of Leith. All staff and other clientele rescued miraculously. Happy Days.”