These are 11 Scottish first names for boys - what they mean and their origins

Scotland has a multitude of both unique, historic and popular Scottish names for boys, some dating back hundreds of years.

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Here are 11 Scottish first names for boys, what they mean and their origins. Names sourced from and

Meaning: Friend of a horse. Pronunciation: ah-KEE-us. Form of: Eochaidh. Origins: Scottish, Gaelic and English.

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Meaning: River. Origin: Scottish, Nature. People with this name tend to have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
Meaning: people of victory or powerful warrior. Origins: A Scottish variation on Nicholas and has Gaelic and Irish origins.
Meaning: 'defender' or 'defending man'. Origins: Scottish Gaelic form of Alexander.
Meaning: 'unique choice'. Origins: Seen in Scotland as early as the 6th century.
Meaning: Supplanter - to take power from someone. Origins: The Scottish version of James. Hamish became popular in the 19th Century.
Meaning: 'lake habitation'. Origins: Irish Gaelic originally. Popular since 13th century, especially in the Scottish Highlands.
Meaning: bright nobility. Origins: Scottish Gaelic form of Albert.
Meaning: 'fair headed' or 'white warrior. Origins: Gaelic.
Meaning: 'world mighty'. Origins: From Irish Gaelic 'Domhnall'. First seen in Scotland during the 9th century.
Meaning: Handsome. Origins: Transferred use of the Scottish surname, which arose from an old parish in Ayrshire and an old parish in Dumfriesshire.