The Scotsman cryptic crossword - November 4th, 2013

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Monday’s puzzle...


1 Arrange chains for pointer on a modern freighter (9,4)

10 Have power to start again, but will take liberties (7)

11 Did fashionable leading actor have to leave a US city? (7)

12 Is close to someone; a romantic type (4)

13 For a second time, everyone had to drag their feet (5)

14 Boring parts of some units of information in computers (4)

17 Small model renting out firm (9)

19 Make a profit from historic article; a rare thing (5)

20 May be conscious of alert with it (5)

22 Save up diets, using tranquilisers (9)

24 Is in the frame of mind to get to get fortune back (4)

25 Start with some clear type, and steal it (5)

27 Draw together some printing material, reversed at last (4)

30 Scottish runner lacking energy had to wait to earn enough (7)

31 Mean to have one’s say, taking a long time (7)

32 Great fellows, in short, dabble away, if taken aback (13)


2 Begin to broadcast outside the studio (4,3)

3 At the end, regret being right on target ... (4)

4 ... and from one direction, right to be stationary (5)

5 Acted out in sale, in order to increase rapidly (9)

6 Initial slide, left in place could be a mistake (4)

7 Conjure up fancy picture (7)

8 Harass man paid to build up old invasion force (7,6)

9 After WW1 battle, attempts to capture old pose of mutants (13)

15 Get close to the bull, in the main, nervously (5)

16 Pointed to wise sage who’s on the ball (5)

18 We see her off, left in another place (9)

21 Have a run round the States, and long for revival (7)

23 Have choice of the best quality wine, for example (7)

26 Spin a new first gear, but still end up in a car crash (5)

28 Catch onto good artist with top billing ... (4)

29 ... and catches on, say, coming back at times (4)