Ten Questions: Anne Henderson, career coach and owner of White Zebra

32, is career coach and owner of White Zebra

1 What is your earliest memory of Edinburgh? I was born in Edinburgh and so have many memories but one that stands out is visiting the museum on Chambers Street with its stuffed animals, model trains, fountains and fish ponds.

2 What are your memories of school? I have some lovely memories from Nether Currie Primary School. I remember our annual trips to Edinburgh Zoo and watching the penguin parade, our movie club that showed screenings of Herbie goes Bananas and attempting the high jump using the Fosbury Flop technique.

3 Where is your favourite place in Edinburgh and why? I love the view of Arthur's Seat from North Bridge.

4 What are the best things about Edinburgh? The festival, the architecture, the size – you can walk everywhere.

5 What would you change about the city? I would like to see more markets in the city throughout the year.

6 Describe a perfect Edinburgh day/night out. A perfect day/night would probably involve a leisurely breakfast with the papers, a walk to Arthur's Seat, a visit to the Cameo for a film, a few cocktails and a meal out with a good bottle of red wine.

7 Which sports interest you? I do a lot of walking, cycling and yoga. I did a sailing course a few years ago. The image of sailing on the Adriatic Sea with the sun beating down was very appealing but in reality I was sailing on the Firth of Forth.

8 What was your most embarrassing moment? I remember learning to ski at Hillend and having great difficulty trying to get on the t-bar lift. Once I eventually got on I somehow managed to fall off halfway up the slope and ended up flat on my face.

9 What is your greatest achievement? Escaping the rat race and setting up my own business.

10 Sum up Edinburgh in three words. Beautiful. Unique. Home.