Spotify Pie Chart: What is the Spotify Pie Chart and how to make your own 🎶

A new tool created by Californian students shows you a colourful pie chart based on your music taste.

Darren Huang, a student from the University of California in Los Angeles, United States, has created an unofficial version of Spotify Unwrapped, known as the Spotify Pie Chart.

Various Spotify users have been sharing their pie charts on social media over the last few days. Here’s what they are and how to make your own.

What is the Spotify Pie Chart?

Similar to Spotify Unwrapped, the Spotify Pie Chart shows you a visual representation of your music tastes. Your ‘pie’ will be split up into various different colours, with a key underneath explaining what genre each colour relates to.

There’s much more than your basic genres as well, with ones as niche as Canadian metalcore to nu-metal and post-grunge.

Underneath the key, you’ll also find the artists you listen to most, ranked in order from top to bottom with the font getting smaller.

Unlike Spotify Unwrapped, the Spotify Pie Chart can be updated each month, so you can track how your music choices may change throughout the year, instead of getting just one larger summary.

The pie chart tool is not owned by Spotify itself, but was instead created by a Californian student. Photo: STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images.

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How to make my own Spotify Pie Chart

You can make your own Spotify Pie Chart via the creator Darren Huang’s website. If you log into your Spotify account via the website, you will then need to agree for the site to analyse your listening date.

Once you’ve done that, your pie chart will be automatically created. The site works on both desktop and mobile, but only functions for Spotify accounts, not any other music streaming platforms like Deezer or Apple Music.


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