Spotify Karaoke: How to use the Spotify singalong feature

The new feature has automatically rolled out to some Spotify users.

Spotify has launched a new feature for some users that you might already have access to without knowing. It’s called Spotify Karaoke and is a fun new game feature where you can sing along to your favourite songs and get a score based on how well you perform.

Here’s how Spotify Karaoke works and how to try it out for yourself.

How to get Spotify Karaoke

Getting Spotify Karaoke can be easily done by simply updating your Spotify app to the most recent version. This can be done by searching for Spotify in the relevant app store and making sure that there are no updates there for you to download.

Alternatively, if you have automatic downloads set up, the app may have already downloaded the new update for you.

However, not every user has access to Spotify Karaoke. It has seemingly been rolled out to a random assortment of users, with little correlation as to why some people are getting it earlier than others. This is relatively common with app rollouts to measure out the number of updates completed at the same time.

All users should have access to the new feature in the next few days.

Here's how to try out Spotify Karaoke for yourself. Photo: mediaphotos / Getty Images / Canva Pro.

How to use Spotify Karaoke

Once you have the update, select the song you want to sing along with. You’ll be able to find the lyrics for the song on the top right and an option that says ‘sing’.

The app will then load the karaoke feature, prompting you when to sing each lyric in the classic karaoke style. It will also listen to you singing and give you a score card rating your attempt.

It’s unclear what criteria your singing will be ranked on, but whether it’s how in tune you are or how accurately you sing along to the lyrics, best of luck in giving it your best shot!

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