Scottish word of the day: Randan

Gawn oot oan the randan the night?
Gawn oot oan the randan the night?
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Unlike its English sense of a boat rowed by three people, ‘randan’ in Scots has a quite different meaning: some kind of spree or, most commonly, a drinking binge.

Usually the drinker ‘goes on the randan’, or is ‘out on the randan’.

So if you wanted to invite your acquiantances out for a particularly raucous night that is sure to lead to dizzying levels of inebriation, you could ask them: “Gawn oot oan the randan the nite?”

In more recent popular culture, there is an Edinburgh art-rock band called Randan Discotheque.

It’s not to be confused with the town of Randan in the Puy-de-Dome region of France.

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