The Scotsman 2013 Quiz of the Year

FIND out just how much you can remember from an action-packed year in our 2013 news quiz

Andy Murray's Wimbledon win was one of the highlights of 2013. Picture: PA


1 Which food chain issued an apology in a number of national newspapers because of its involvement in the horsemeat scandal?

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2 Andy Murray won Wimbledon this year but who was the last British man to win it and when?

3 Which cardinal was exiled after admitting improper sexual conduct?

4 Who was appointed as the governor of the Bank of England this year?

5 Alistair Carmichael, the new Secretary of State, is the MP for which constituency?

6 What is the name of the Scot who was caught smuggling cocaine in Peru this year?

7 Where was David Cameron on holiday when he was pictured changing under his towel?

8 Where are three planned final destinations of HS2, phases one and two?

9 Who are the ‘Big Six’ energy companies according to Ofgem?

10 How many middle names does Prince George have and what are they?


1 Which former Doctor Who star appeared in the acclaimed ITV crime drama Broadchurch?

2 Who was crowned winner of the Great British Bake Off?

3 On whose life was the BAFTA Scotland best film nominee The Wee Man based?

4 Which American president did Daniel Day-Lewis portray on screen to win him a record third best actor Oscar?

5 In the film Filth, what was the name of the corrupt Edinburgh detective played by James McAvoy?

6 Which city did Glasgow stand in for in the zombie thriller World War Z?

7 JP, Kingsley, Vod, Josie, Howard and Oregon are all characters in which hit Channel 4 show?

8 What is the alias of Walter White, the main character of American drama series Breaking Bad?

9 Which star of Sunshine on Leith won the best actor award at the BAFTA Scotland awards for the film For Those In Peril?

10 Which star of TV drama Homeland visited the Isle of Mull to shoot his new film The Silent Storm?


1 Name the airline run by Sir Richard Branson which began services between Edinburgh and London.

2 What nationality is Mark Carney who became governor of the Bank of England in July?

3 Who succeeded Stephen Hester as chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland?

4 Which billionaire businessman hit the headlines after threatening to close the Grangemouth chemicals plant?

5 Which Scottish brewer announced plans to open bars in Stockholm and Tokyo?

6 The Scottish Business Awards in June were addressed by which former US president?

7 Irn-Bru maker AG Barr pulled out of a merger with which other soft drinks company?

8 Scottish businessman Euan Sutherland left Homebase to become chief executive of which troubled mutual institution?

9 Which venerable institution appointed its first female chief executive in its 325-year history?

10 Which former winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice said of her court battle with Sir Alan Sugar: “This has left me not only unemployed but a single parent.”


1 What was the catalyst for the rioting in Istanbul this year that saw industrial quantities of tear gas used?

2 South America’s biggest democracy Brazil saw similar amounts of tear gas used against protestors in what became known as the Revolta do Vinagre – for the vinegar used as an antidote to the gas. What caused them initially?

3 What was the nerve agent used in the chemical warfare attacks believed to have been committed by forces loyal to the Syrian government on the Ghouta suburbs of Damascus in August?

4 Pope Benedict XVI resigned in February. Who was the last pope to do so before him?

5 His successor Francis, the first non-European pope in 1,200 years, is also the first pope from which Catholic religious order?

6 Which country became the 28th member of the European Union in June?

7 What piece of legislation were the US Republicans attempting not to fund in causing the US government shut-down of October?

8 Egypt’s Islamist president Mohammed Morsi – the country’s first democratically elected leader – was deposed by the country’s military in in July. What was name of the general who removed him from power?

9 A clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka in April, killing 1,219. Name one of the western brands it produced items for.

10 While 2010 was the peak year with 122, how many US drone strikes have been launched in Pakistan this year, as of the end of October?


1 Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon final on 7 July, but what was the score in the final set?

2 Which Scottish league football club recorded the highest points total in the 2012-13 season?

3 Which championship deciding game was delayed for 34 minutes because of a lighting blackout?

4 The British and Irish Lions won their first Test tour since which year?

5 The 650th ‘new’ fixture in Scottish football’s top flight took place between which teams?

6 Kimi Raikkonen said which other F1 driver needed “punching in the face”?

7 Who was the almost unanimous choice for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award?

8 How many European Cups have Bayern Munich now won?

9 US Open winner Justin Rose once missed how many consecutive cuts as a professional?

10 Boxer Ricky Burns broke his jaw in which round of a points decision fight with Raymundo Beltrán?


1 Which TV star had a stage hit playing a Glasgow art dealer with gangland connections?

2 Who won the Scottish Album of the Year Award?

3 Who turned an Edinburgh climbing arena into an alien planet?

4 Which popular Scottish scribbler was nominated for the Turner Prize?

5 What was unknown crime writer Robert Galbraith’s well-kept secret?

6 Who got off the Fence and began a new journey with a Lost Map?

7 Which show brought Swedish vampires to Scottish stages?

8 Which company made headlines when its music director resigned after just two months?

9 Which male writer turned himself into feminist icon Andrea Dworkin?

10 ‘Come home, practically all is nearly forgiven.’ The opening line of which Scottish band’s comeback?


1 Which new aircraft’s debut was a rude awakening for passengers?

2 What new form of transport in Edinburgh did the AA warn would “intimidate” drivers?

3 In which month did Scotland have its lowest mean temperature for 51 years?

4 Why does Network Rail hope the Forth Bridge will become like the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

5 Where does Glasgow’s “bridge to nowhere” now go?

6 Why did railway tracks have to be painted white in July?

7 What will cover 136 miles of the A9 next year?

8 Which new railway line will have to be largely rebuilt because of the way it was constructed?

9 What is Scottish Canals planning to do for the first time with sludge dredged from its waterways?

10 Which trains do ministers want to make “emblematic of Scotland”?


1 Which Michelin-starred chef, regarded as the enfant terrible of the UK restaurant scene, has opened an eatery, Wheeler’s of St James, in The Aston Hotel in Dumfries?

2 In total, how many Michelin stars were awarded to Scottish restaurants this year, and which is the only to have been presented with two stars?

3 Which US brand opened an outlet at Edinburgh’s Hermiston Gait in February, causing traffic tailbacks and queues round the block?

4 Which Scottish cheese was this year awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, joining the likes of Stornoway Black Pudding and Arbroath Smokies?

5 Which competition did Skye resident John Boa win this year to be awarded the Golden Spurtle?

6 On the sale of which meat did Tesco blame a fall in their UK profits?

7 Which diet was credited with helping First Minister Alex Salmond lose two stone over a three month period?

8 In September, which celebrity chef, in an interview with the Radio Times, claimed that poor people spend money on TVs rather than healthy food?

9 In June, which television chef was embroiled in a domestic violence scandal when her husband was photographed grabbing her throat outside London restaurant Scott’s in Mayfair?

10 Who declared that his favourite food was broccoli?


1 Which esteemed broadcaster, author and former Scotsman journalist suffered a near fatal stroke in January, later admitting that he had been “working too hard.”

2 In February, the Scottish novelist and screenwriter who penned the script for the 1995 film, Rob Roy, died. What was his name?

3 In March, the final news bulletins were transmitted from which famous media centre in London after 43 years?

4 Which Scottish newspaper dropped a freelance columnist amid claims parts of an article she had written plagiarised a piece originally published by The Guardian?

5 Members of the Scottish media were united in grief in July after the death of which former Scotsman and New Statesman journalist turned academic, aged just 49.

6 Which prominent Glaswegian comedian revealed in September he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease during surgery for prostate cancer?

7 Kirsty Wark, one of Scotland’s heavyweight political journalists, broke out in impromptu dance at the conclusion of the Halloween edition of Newsnight. What song did she perform to?

8 In October, the editor of which British newspaper issued an unreserved apology to Ed Miliband after a reporter was sent to a private memorial service for one of the Labour leader’s relatives to gather opinions about a recent article accusing his father of hating Britain?

9 Which controversial comedian published his latest book, entitled ‘Scotland’s Jesus’?

10 In November, one of Scotland’s longest lived and most loved musical duos lost of one its founder members. Who was he?


1 Who said the following, and which country was he talking about? “Our national story has been shaped down the generations by values of compassion, equality, an unrivalled commitment to the empowerment of education and a passion and curiosity for invention that has helped to shape the world around us.”

2 Three of Scotland’s 129 MSPs died in 2013. Who?

3 One of Scotland’s 129 MSPs was jailed in 2013. Who?

4 Who warned in November that Scotland would have to “join the queue” in order to ensure its place in the European Union as an independent state?

5 Which A-list Holywood actor wanted to vote in next year’s referendum, but was then told that he couldn’t?

6 Labour’s local difficulty in the Falkirk seat began after a headbutt by which Scottish MP?

7 Upon whose coffin did George Galloway urge people to “tramp the dirt down”?

8 Who showed a previously unheralded sensitive side by shedding a tear during the funeral of the former Prime Minister?

9 In journalist Matthew d’Ancona’s book “In It Together”, recounting the story of the coalition government, George Osborne is reported as describing one of his cabinet colleagues as “thick”. Who was it?

10 Who said: “I understand the embarrassment that I have caused this city. I cannot change the past. All I can do is move on”?