Scots school’s Uptown Funk music video goes viral

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A MUSIC video put together by pupils at a high school in Ayr has gone viral with close to 30,000 views on YouTube thus far.

Staff and students at Belmont Academy are seen shaking off the boredom of everyday life in the classroom by breaking into dance as they mime to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk - the smash hit single sung by Bruno Mars.

Pupils dancing to Uptown Funk. Picture: YouTube

Pupils dancing to Uptown Funk. Picture: YouTube

The video was the brainchild Jen Ross, a head girl at the school and someone with a passion for filmmaking.

Jen wanted to emulate what other schools have achieved in the viral video era, while also displaying the bond which exists between teachers and children at Belmont.

Graeme McLean, a teacher at Belmont Academy, said: “Jen knew exactly what she wanted to do with this video and she’s done a fantastic job.

“The whole school was delighted to get behind the project and it really shows the great pupil-teacher relationships we have – as well as some clearly talented dancers!

“A huge amount of work went into making the video, and everyone gave up their own time to take part in the filming.

“Jen and her choreographer, Catriona Hill, are an absolute credit to the school and their families and I think there could be a career in TV and film production in the offing.”

Director Jen added: “Lots of other schools have made their own fun versions of pop music videos and I just thought it was Belmont’s turn.

“I chose Uptown Funk as it’s a fun song that everyone knows. Although some of the teachers were a bit worried about how they would come across, they all got involved and it was great to see everyone having such a good time.”

Belmont is one of the largest schools in Scotland, which presumably would have been a massive help to young Jen as she looked to gain volunteers for the project.


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