Scotland on Sunday’s Quiz of the Year 2012 answers

Lord Leveson, Kristen Stewart, and Alex Salmond
Lord Leveson, Kristen Stewart, and Alex Salmond
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DOES our end-of-year quiz have you stumped? Find all the answers below



1. Jean Urquhart and John Finnie

2. Michael McMahon

3. A Section 30 order

4. 50p per unit

5. Dennis Canavan

6. He wrongly claimed during First Minister’s Questions that college funding in Scotland was rising – official figures later showed it was falling

7. Sir Alex Ferguson, in protest at planned cap of £500 on cash donations from Scots living outside Scotland.

8. Education secretary Michael Russell who forced the resignation of Stow College chief Kirk Ramsay after the latter recorded the meeting about college reforms on his digital pen.

9. The Edinburgh Agreement paving the way for a legally binding referendum on Scottish independence to be held in 2014

10. EC president Juan Manuel Barroso, who insisted that a newly independent nation 
would have to reapply to join 
the exclusive club


1. Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury

2. Antiques Roadshow

3. Patrick McLoughlin, Andrew Mitchell, Sir George Young

4. Larry the cat for not catching mice

5. Jeremy Hunt

6. Pussy Riot

7. Paul Ryan

8. Roseanne Barr

9. Francois Hollande

10. China


1. The Italian liner Costa Concordia sank off its coastline

2. Linlithgow Palace

3. Martha Payne

4. Aung Sun Suu Kyi, who was freed from house arrest by the Burmese government

5. The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 mascot

6. Kelly MacDonald, star of the film Brave, who is married to Travis bassist Dougie Payne

7. They said they wouldn’t marry until same-sex marriage was accepted everywhere, but they announced their engagement in April, saying their children wanted them to marry

8. The two pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, Yang Guang and Tian Tian, who Kidman visited with her daughters Faith and Sunday-Rose in May

9. Actress Kristen Stewart, who was caught cheating 
on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders in August. Stewart and Pattinson have since reconciled

10. His marriage to Katie Holmes, which collapsed in July when she filed for divorce


1. Direct Line

2. Co-operative Bank

3. Mark Carney

4. Edinburgh-based Virgin Money

5. McGrigors

6. Tesco

7. Swiss bank UBS

8. Trinity Mirror

9. AG Barr, maker of Irn-Bru

10. EE


1. £15,000

2 Denise Mina

3. JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy

4. Richard Ford

5. James Runcie

6. His own

7. Sigmund Freud’s

8. Richard Holloway

9. Janice Galloway

10. Stuart Kelly


1. Psy

2. Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells

3. Frank Ocean

4. Bat For Lashes

5. Meursault

6. Django Django

7. Gustavo Dudamel

8. Rihanna

9. She performed at the Edinburgh International 

10. Bobby Womack (it was
the title of his comeback 


1. Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It

2. Dramatised the Titanic disaster (Fellowes with his TV series, Cameron with the 3D release of the film Titanic)

3. Iceland

4. The Fear

5. Nadine Dorries

6. Performed at the Olympics opening ceremony

7. The Bridge

8. Both are played by 
Greg McHugh

9. Sherlock

10. James Arthur


1. Donald Trump, describing You’ve Been Trumped director Anthony Baxter

2. Bane in The Dark Knight 

3. Robert Downey JR in 
Avengers Assemble

4. Brave

5. Prometheus

6. Sightseers

7. James Bond (in Skyfall)

8. The Imposter

9. Martin Freeman (in The Hobbit: An Unexpected 

10. Tim Burton (in Frankenweenie)


1. Craig Coulthard

2. Alan Cumming

3. Rob Drummond (Bullet Catch)

4. Susan Philipsz

5. Billy Connolly

6. Blythe Duff (in Rona Munro’s play Iron)

7. Glasgow Girls

8. Luke Fowler

9. John Bellany

10. Scottish Opera