Russian choir set to return to Dalkeith for concert

St Mary's in the Park Dakeith is eagerly awaiting the bi-annual concert of the Resurrection choir of St Petersburg in two weeks time.

Resurrection choir of St Petersburg on their last visit to Dalkeith in 2016.

The vocal ensemble from St Petersburg, Resurrection (Voskresenije in Russian), was founded in 1993. It first visited the Dalkeith church in 2003. It consists of nine professional female and male vocalists. Their repertoire includes Russian sacred music as well as folk music.

Since 2012 St Mary’s Church has hosted The Resurrection Choir of St Petersburg every second year.

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The Dalkeith church looks forward to the next concert, on November 16 at 7.30pm, with eager anticipation.

Mitch Thomson, chairman of the church’s restoration committee, said: “They are very popular. People have been asking me for a while when they are returning.

“They are all professional singers. St Petersburg is famous for its conservator and spectacular voices.

“The highlight is a double bass singer, Anatoli. He is one of the few left in St Petersburg who can sing in this way. Russian singing creates a unique sound which you can’t hear anywhere else really.

“They have wonderful rich tones. They really are quite special.

“I’m looking forward to their concert. I’m a singer in the Dalkeith Singers, and we will be there on the night also.”

The choir have formed close bonds with the Dalkeith congregation. Mitch added: “They first came here during a tour and we were just fortunate to be chosen. They like to sing in family churches. I suppose it’s traditional village church singing.

“The members of the choir actually stay with members of our church overnight. They perform the concert then stay the night, before heading elsewhere on the tour.

“There are nine of them, including the conductor Yuri Malik.”

Tickets, £11, are available on the door or online at