Rubbernecker ****

This show is shoddy and cynically thrown together, with a total lack of skill or charisma. That’s the warning Ricky Gervais gave at the beginning.

The title for the show comes from the fact that, the writers claim, there will be bits you shouldn’t watch, but will be compelled to, in the same way as a car crash. Robin Ince has subtitled it "the breakdown show", as his material veers wildly to some of the strangest stand-up you are ever likely to hear.

Steve Merchant brought a whole new dimension to the night. He seemed quite put out there was a severe lack of "Steve fans" in, and soon became overly aggressive with the audience. Merchant’s performance degenerated into a kind of agonising horror, and had the audience in hysterics from the moment he stepped on stage.

And then it’s time for Derek, a misunderstood young man who has a bad habit of "sending creatures to Jesus". A new character from Ricky Gervais, Derek is another horror that left many people in hysterics - you know you’re not supposed to laugh, but you can’t help yourself.

Jimmy Carr ended the evening with his crafted one-liners and deadpan delivery. Many of his lines were greeted with equal measures of groans and laughs, and quite often the build-up got as many laughs as the punchlines.

Overall, the comedians are a brilliant mix, as their styles complement each other incredibly well. Which must be worrying them to hear individually.

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