Plat du Nuit - The Comeback Special


SURREY’S greatest lounge act are back, and it’s like they’ve never been away. Wheelchair maestro Keys McApline and charismatic frontman Teddy Dish still don’t get on, Dish’s accent is still stuck somewhere between West Virginia and Woking, and the songs still have the subtlety of a brick and the emotional integrity of a saucy postcard.

There are scores of Fringe shows featuring fictional bickering bands of dubious merit. It is, after all, an easy way to introduce insults, so-bad-they’re-good tunes and audience participation into shows that might otherwise be short of material. But Jim Johnson (McAlpine) and Adam Riches (Dish) do it well, entering into their own musical hell with an infectious energy and some above-average gags. "Your promises are like a bad pontoon player," shouts McAlpine. "They just don’t stick!"

The pair discuss their history and run through tracks like Shaving (Against the Grain) and the surprisingly touching, Kraftwerk-style Echo Love.

This show is an entertaining mix of smarm and histrionics, and Dish’s mini-musical about the love between a wasp and a houseplant is nicely surreal. They may not be the first to do this kind of thing, but Plat du Nuit will still raise your eyes in disbelief and your hands in applause.

• 9:30pm today. Until 25 August