Six in ten shoppers get bad service

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WHEN it comes to customer service, UK consumers are
consistently getting a raw deal, new research has revealed.

Shoppers are regularly forced to waste time queuing or being kept on hold, while many experience poor customer service on a regular basis.

Shockingly, almost six in ten consumers (59 per cent) say that they often encounter poor 
attitude from staff in shops and businesses. But in spite of this, almost three-quarters of us are prepared to let companies get away with it.

Just one third of consumers said that UK shoppers are on the receiving end of good customer service, yet only a quarter will complain without fail when they have a problem (27 per cent).

The findings suggest that
official complaints statistics could only represent the tip of the iceberg, with many consumers simply choosing to walk away. One in ten (10 per cent) rarely or never complain, while three in ten (30 per cent) will only occasionally complain, even though they have a legitimate concern. Most said they feel there’s no point complaining as it won’t make any difference (60 per cent), but 58 per cent are put off doing so because of the hassle involved.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at independent price comparison and switching service, said: “What this tells us is that the number of complaints received by companies is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

“Consumers regularly receive shoddy service, but often feel unable or unwilling to complain. This is bad for consumers and bad for the companies too as, without this vital feedback, they lose the chance to listen and improve and could easily end up seeing their customers disappearing out of their door and into the arms of a rival.”