Office overtime soars – in bed

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ALMOST a third of people catch up on work while lying in bed – racking up overtime of up to 14 hours a week, a survey has claimed.

And 15 per cent of people who tap at smart- phones and laptops while luxuriating under the duvet do so at the same time as their partner.

Three-quarters of those who work in bed admit to spending more than 30 minutes a day indulging in the habit, while 22 per cent spend more than two hours a day working in bed – amounting to an extra 14 hours a week.

When asked what they do first thing in the morning, almost a third of people admitted to checking their mobile for messages immediately after waking up.

Claire Sellick, of Infosecurity Europe, which commissioned the research, said: “The smartphone has had a massive impact on the way we behave.”