No time for tea as UK turns into nation of coffee-lovers

More than eight out of ten people in the United Kingdom drink coffee every day, consuming an average of 2.32 cups. Picture: Getty
More than eight out of ten people in the United Kingdom drink coffee every day, consuming an average of 2.32 cups. Picture: Getty
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Drinkers spending a total of £25 per week on caffeine, says Jane Bradley

BRITONS are supposed to be known for their love of a good cuppa.

But a new study has revealed that coffee is threatening to overtake tea as the UK’s 
national drink – with the average person forking out more than £1,000 on the caffeinated beverage every year.

More than eight in ten of the population drink coffee every day, consuming an average of 2.32 cups and spending an average of £2.88 per cup when buying a cup of coffee in a cafe or restaurant – a total of £25 per week, or £1,100 a year.

Two per cent of people admit to downing six or more cups in 24 hours, while six out of ten people opt for instant coffee at home or at work. A further third drink ground coffee and one in ten caffeine-lovers prefer coffee in capsules or pods.

“Tea has traditionally been the UK’s favourite hot drink, but our findings show that we are also very much a nation of coffee drinkers nowadays,” said David Black of Consumer Intelligence, which carried out the study.

“Brits have really taken to the coffee shop culture in recent years and many of us find it 
difficult to get through a day without at least one trip to our local coffee shop.”

He added: “However, people can end up spending a considerable amount of money in coffee shops without realising it.

“Like any other regular expense, it’s advisable to review your finances and check you can afford it.”

Lattes are the most popular drink, preferred by 38 per cent of people, closely followed by cappucinos, which are the drink of choice for one in four people. Around 18 per cent prefer Americanos and 11 per cent Espresso. Just 4 per cent of people favour a Mochaccino and 2 per cent opt to drink a Macchiato.

Costa Coffee tops the list as the nation’s favourite coffee chain, according to the findings. More than one in three coffee drinkers chose Costa as their 
favourite place to purchase their daily caffeine fix, followed by Starbucks with almost a quarter.

One in ten people selected their local independent shop as their favourite, followed by
another 9 per cent who chose Caffé Nero. Fifteen per cent of coffee drinkers said the brand was irrelevant and they would just go to the closest outlet.

Case study

RACHEL Hamada, a freelance editor from Edinburgh, drinks around three cups of coffee on an average day.

“I try to make most of my coffee at home as I work from home. I tend to buy high-quality coffee but aim for it not to be too expensive. Asda has a really amazing Ethiopian coffee in their finest range, but it’s often on special offer so is the same price as the more basic versions.

“When I do go out, I usually get coffee from independent coffee shops such as Wellington Coffee on George Street in Edinburgh or Artisan Roast on Broughton Street. On the odd occasion that I do go to Starbucks, I get a flat white as I prefer a small coffee with flavour to big Starbucks buckets of sweet milk which I think are gradually going out of favour as people have finally discovered how calorific they are.”