Helpdesk: Topshop’s ankle boots prove a sore point for one customer

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Q: Recently I bought a stylish pair of ankle boots from Topshop, costing me £45. I was delighted with their fashionable appearance.

However, after only four wears, I realised the plastic cover of the heel has worn through the main body of the heel, meaning I couldn’t wear them without causing irreparable damage.

I considered trying to return them, but thought I’d merely be offered another pair and the same would happen again. I didn’t want a refund as I really like the boots themselves, so I had to have them re-heeled after only one week.

This leads me to think there is a real quality issue with Topshop’s footwear.

To sum up, I am fuming. What should I do?

RW, Edinburgh

A Topshop said: “We are very sorry to hear about the customer’s experience.

“We test all of our products including shoes, but there can be some variations in the manufacturing processes.

“This means that depending upon heel height, the surface the heel is in contact with and the pressure exerted on it, a failure in terms of the product can take place.

“We try to include replacement tips for heels and stiletto styles.

“However, on this occasion we would kindly recommend that the customer exchanges the shoes for a new pair as this sounds like a one-off occurrence.”

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