Helpdesk: Honeymooners’ dream trip back on track after bookings hitch

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Q: In October, I went to look for a honeymoon at Thomson’s in Gordon Street in Glasgow. I explained that we wanted to go to Playacar in Mexico with the new Dreamliner plane and was told there was only one room left.

I explained that I would rather wait as I was not with my fiancé at the time but was told that if I didn’t take the holiday now, I would miss out.

“When I looked online later, I found the holiday was still advertised and was now actually cheaper. I raised this with the company, but got nowhere. When the news broke that the Dreamliner was not flying, we went into the shop and were told that we would get £20 each as a refund. This week, two weeks before our wedding, I was told we were now no longer able to go on our honeymoon, as there was an overbooking and we were offered an alternative. They said if we weren’t happy then we could cancel – but this is two weeks before our wedding and six months after our initial booking. The alternative honeymoon is now actually cheaper than we originally paid so we are waiting for a refund.

“All the way through the staff have been so rude.”

KW, Glasgow

A: A spokeswoman for Thomson Holidays said: “Thomson would like to apologise for the changes that had to be made to Ms Walker’s honeymoon booking.

“Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, the 787 Dreamliner and hotel that the customer originally booked are no longer available. We have done everything possible to assist with the couple’s alternative honeymoon arrangements and have offered a like-for-like holiday, which they have declined. We are pleased that we have now been able to secure an alternative that Ms Walker is happy with, and are in the process of refunding the difference in cost to her.”

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