Cash-strapped drivers risk death in unserviced cars

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Millions of motorists could be driving damaged and possibly dangerous cars after putting off repairs in a bid to save money.

More than three in ten motorists have delayed servicing their car because of cash pressures, with 27 per cent travelling more than 2,000 miles over the recommended servicing mileage before taking action, according to

Its research found that one in ten motorists may be driving illegally because they haven’t replaced worn or damaged tyres. More than a fifth of drivers would carry out their own service so they wouldn’t have to pay a garage to do it, while 6 per cent admit to never having had their vehicle serviced. General repair work is also being put off by motorists trying to save money, including the replacement of worn tyres and windscreen wipers and work on damaged brakes and clutches.

Scott Kelly, head of motor at, warned that delaying repairs or servicing could prove more expensive in the long run. “Driving an unroadworthy vehicle is illegal and you could end up with points on your driving licence, a substantial fine as well as invalidating your car insurance,” he said.