Bus stops a turn-off for buyers

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Anti-social neighbours are the biggest turn-off to Scottish homebuyers, with more than half of people saying that finding out about a noisy or 
disruptive neighbour would deter them from buying a home. Security ranked highly as an important factor in a “prime” property, with private gates and security cameras coming in above swimming pools and walk-in wardrobes as must-haves, according to a survey of more than 4,000 
would-be buyers by Prime-Location.com.

A further 28 per cent of potential buyers said a scruffy garden – or one that is concreted over – would put them off a property, while a bus stop located directly outside a house was also ranked as offputting by 8 per cent of househunters.

Fixed decorations which are not to the prospective buyer’s taste – such as garish wallpaper or a coloured carpet – were said to be the biggest deterrent by 5 per cent of people.