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Personal Finance
Stamp prices are set for another hefty rise but stock up now and you can stick it to the post office by using them for years to come. Picture: Getty

Five ways to beat April’s big bill shocks – Martin Lewis

This April, whether we’re in, out or, most likely, just shaken all about, one thing is certain... it’s the time of annual public service price rises. While you can’t prevent the rises, there are often other ways to cut these bills. I want to show how you can steal a March (sorry) on April’s hikes.

Victims of bank transfer fraud can end up losing nest eggs that have taken them years to save. Picture: Getty

Jenny Ross: Don’t let bank scammers hammer you

Imagine spending years building up a nest egg only to be tricked out of it in the space of a few minutes. You don’t have to be careless with your cash to lose life-changing sums. That’s the cruel irony of bank transfer scams – in many cases victims are under the impression that they’re taking steps to protect their account, when in reality they’re sending ­money straight into a fraudster’s pocket.

The chaos that ensued from TSB's introduction of a new IT system last April illustrates that the move towards a cashless society does not come without risks. Picture: John Devlin

Jenny Ross: ‘Going digital’ not an option for everyone

On which coin would you find the Prince of Wales’ feathers? That was one of the questions at a pub quiz I went to last week. I’m pleased to say that our team knew it was a 2p, but the follow-up challenge proved more problematic. A spot prize was on offer for the team who could produce the biggest collection of 2p coins, causing a look of defeat and mild confusion to flicker over my teammates’ faces. Between six of us, we could only muster three, while the spot prize winners scraped together eight.

You may already be looking forward to that break in the summer sun, but if you've booked a trip to Europe make sure you are prepared for Brexit ' deal or no deal

Brexit could break your holiday plans – Martin Lewis

It’s cold. So no surprise January and February are the busiest beach-booking months of the year, as millions turn their attention to a lovely foreign holiday. With Brexit round the corner, if you’ve booked a trip to Europe, there’s some crucial checks you need to make.

Contrary to the HMRC's old Hector advert, dealing with tax can be very taxing indeed. Picture: REX/Shutterstock

Jenny Ross: It’s time to tackle your tax return

‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’ – so goes HMRC’s famous slogan. But despite the reassuring voices of Adam Hart-Davis and Moira Stuart repeating the mantra in the long-running ad campaign, I expect many of us remain unconvinced. In fact, Hart-Davis himself later criticised the tax system for being too complex.

Personal Finance

Martin Lewis: It’s time you had an economy drive

Petrol prices are up, car insurance prices are up, breakdown costs are up – but don’t let it get you down. There are many ways to slash the cost of motoring. As we don’t get an annual bill for our car, the cost just comes in dribs and drabs, few people focus on it – even though that bill would likely be thousands. This means the savings can be huge.

What does this year have in store for consumers?

James Walker: My crystal ball says the fightback begins here

Last year, Resolver helped sort out over 2 million complaints for free. I’m massively proud that we were able to help so many people. And those complaints can also give us some clues about the things that we’ll be seeing in 2019. So without further ado, I’m peering into the Resolver crystal ball to give you our predictions for the things that will be on our minds in the year ahead.

Personal Finance
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