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Personal Finance

Jim Duffy: Implications of millennials losing trust in saving

We like to feel good about ­ourselves. We like to know that our investments and assets are rising in value. From pension funds to equities, from ISAs to our homes, we rest easy in the knowledge that we have invested in assets that will appreciate and provide a pot of cash for our old age.

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A new year financial makeover will be good for your wallet, peace of mind and future as you make sensible saving and investment choices

Vicky Shaw: Changing financial habits can pay off

As 2018 approaches, and many of us are starting to think about New Year resolutions, this is a great time to sort out any money matters.

Parents and grandparents may feel money is the best present for children, either to spend or to stash away for some future use, so being up to speed on the most generous bank and building society accounts is a must to make the most of Santas generosity. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

Martin Lewis: Where to invest the kids’ hard cash presents

Slade are on the radio, there’s tinsel everywhere and supermarket shelves are stacked high with mince pies. Christmas is a-coming. However it isn’t all about piling up the presents; many parents and especially grandparents give children cold hard cash. So where do you put it…

Many actively choose to rent, recognising that the flexibility offered through being a tenant is better for their circumstances.

Rental revolution brings good news for Scotland

Comment: Peter McDermid on the new regulations for landlords and tenants

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According to Donaldson, the Law Society of Scotland claims that conveyancing transactions are a hot target for money launderers because it can happen quite fast and can often hide behind complex money transactions.

Edinburgh firms helps fight against money-laundering

Cutting-edge software is helping to deliver robust checks against crime

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Scots are being warned about scam calls. Picture: Stock

Scam alert: Police Scotland warning after fraudsters steal £140,000

Police have warned the public to vigilant against telephone fraudsters after a 74-year-old woman was scammed out of £140,000.

You could be due a reduction  and even a refund  on your council tax if you or a loved one qualify for the Severely Mentally Impaired discount

Martin Lewis: Don’t miss out on a council tax discount

Up to 100,000 of the most vulnerable people in society are missing out on a council tax discount worth £100s or £1,000s – as little is known about it, and some councils are giving out misinformation. It’s time to change that.

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Philip Hammond produced a steady crescendo of property initiatives on Budget day, building up to the big stamp duty reveal. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: Chancellor thinks outside the box in Budget

Budget day. For any personal finance journalist, it is the most exciting day on the financial calendar. There are oodles to analyse, translate and communicate to readers, videos to record, tools, graphics and calculators to create with bundles of new data for the coming tax year to play with.

UK consumers will spend an average of �300 on Black Friday, following the US retail trend. Picture: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Top tips for shoppers ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday began in Britain around ten years ago, when internet giant Amazon brought the phenomenon from the United States.

One part of the road to cheaper energy bills is to use a small amount of your time to compare prices and find a provider that suits your needs

Martin Lewis: Truth to tell, we should all switch sometimes

The clocks have gone back, the temperature is plummeting and leaves are losing their green. Which, to channel Game of Thrones, can only mean one thing – WINTER IS COMING. And that means energy bills will be bursting.


What the interest rates rise means for you

The rise in interest rates is a new experience for the estimated 2.6 million home-owners who have only ever seen static or falling rates after getting on the property ladder in the past decade.

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The cost of finance for homebuyers cannot remain at such historically low levels for 
much longer. Picture: PA

Interest rumours tempt borrowers to take fixed-rate plunge

It’s crunch time for borrowers considering taking out a new fixed-rate mortgage deal.

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Boiler repairs can be very expensive

James Walker: Check nuts and bolts of home heating cover

Hard as it is to say goodbye to the summer, I’ve had to admit to myself it’s a bit nippy. I do try to stick to my own advice and pop a jumper on rather that the heating, but the Walker household has rebelled.

A good property in the EH1 postcode area can earn in the region of 3,350 per month.

Hassle-free Airbnb hosting – are you doing it right?

Want to join the Airbnb boom? Or already enjoying the extra cash, but hate the hassle? Here’s how to make money, without lifting a finger

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Now is the time to snuggle up and do your homework: every Big Six provider has a cheaper deal than its standard tariff  so if you wont switch as youre loyal to your existing firm, at least ensure youre on its cheapest tariff

Martin Lewis: Now’s the time to sort out your energy bills

Winter is coming. British Gas have hiked prices by an average 7 per cent for those on its standard tariff. So before the dark nights roll in and you dust off your long johns, it’s time to snuggle up and sort out your energy bills.

Britain is in the grip of an indentity fraud epidemic so try to make sure you dont let scam artists get their hands on your hard-won savings. Picture: Getty

Our digital lives help criminals get rich

​Working for Which?, it’s my job to cut through the hyperbole of the news to give people the facts. It’s rare to write a headline soaked in apocalyptic language, save, perhaps, during the financial crisis when it really did look like the world on the verge of collapse. But last month, when we published “500 identities stolen a day in fraud epidemic”, I was, sadly, reporting the truth.

Niall Kennedy is portfolio director at Cazenove Capital in Edinburgh.

Niall Kennedy: Five myths about ethical investing

Sustainable investment is shrouded in misconception, says Niall Kennedy.

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Christmas can be a stressful time for many people, but forward planning can help relieve the pressure, as can firm decisions about who you are going to buy gifts for, plus giving yourself a clear budget

Martin Lewis: Jingle tills, jingle tills, money all the way

Ho, ho, oh no. C******** is coming. Sorry for raising the spectre of the C-word this early. I growl at jingle bells in October as much as the next Scrooge. Yet this isn’t about early celebration, it’s about preparation. There’s things you should do NOW to reduce financial and other stresses for the big day.

Socialite Paris Hilton is just one among a number of celebrities to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, but investors should be wary. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: Virtual money is actually risky

What do Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton and Burger King all have in common, and what on earth do they have to do with your finances?

Personal Finance
Chance to collect superdraw top prize

Scots in with the chance to pick up a life-changing £116m jackpot

Tonight’s Euromillions Superdraw has an eye-watering prize – here’s everything you need to know.

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