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Personal Finance

Gareth Shaw: If you’re not claiming marriage allowance, why not?

When I got married a couple of years ago, the chap who owned the venue at which we celebrated was one of a kind. His name was “Lucky”, he never wore shoes and he had the kind of demeanour that suggested he should be on a surfboard on the south coast, not managing a converted mill in deepest South-East London.

Some tourists have been driven to despair by Airbnb fraudsters

James Walker: How to avoid holidays from hell

Holiday letting is the subject of some of the most alarming complaints I receive. One person told me how she found herself on vacation staying with a great-grandmother who wouldn’t leave the flat (and 12 cats) while another found that her host treated cleaning more as a vague concept than a necessity.

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Five ways to achieve the dream of early retirement

Whether it’s planning a cruise around the world, regularly dining out at fine restaurants or even buying a bolthole in the south of France, all of us have an idea of how we would spend early retirement.
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Why is now the right time to make your will?

There is never really a good time to talk about dying and what happens to your money and assets when you’re gone.

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Padlock bags before check-in

Be prepared to make the most of travel insurance

If you’ve managed to escape the daily grind and get away, or if you’ve got a holiday booked soon, you’ll know how important it is to have a good travel insurance policy.

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Some expect to still be paying off mortgages when they are in their 70s

One in seven expect to be paying off mortgage into their 70s

One in seven UK homeowners say they will still be paying off their mortgage at the age of 70, according to a survey.

Bill Jamieson. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Bill Jamieson: Risk indicators raise key questions of trust

Few industries have grown more in status and stridency than investor protection. The edicts of the regulatory agencies pour forth, along with voluminous “must read” documents to be noted, acted on and kept on file. But despite their aura of authority and infallibility, how reliable are they? Can they be trusted as an informed assessment of risk for private investors, fund managers, analysts and independent financial advisers?

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Making returns easy has been essential to the success of online sales. Picture: PA

Stores feel the pinch when shoppers fail to get the right size

You think you’ve found the perfect outfit, only to find that you can hardly squeeze into the size you picked – or, equally annoyingly, it completely swamps your frame.'

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How five-a-day rule could help grow the pension you deserve

April’s pay packets will be looking a bit lighter for some, as new rules come into force which mean more cash is being funnelled into workplace pensions.

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When couples apply for a joint financial product, such as a mortgage, their credit reports are likely to become linked. Photograph: PA

Five expert tips to help make your finances flourish as a couple

The start of a beautiful relationship can also bring financial perks. Working together, a couple can take steps to grow their finances, perhaps boosting their chances of getting on the housing ladder earlier, and supporting each other at times when money is tight.

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Scammers are more likely to be wearing sharp suits than hoodies but don't be taken in ' they are still after your money. Picture; Getty

Martin Lewis: Don’t get hammered by the scammers

Criminals aren’t always thugs with meaty arms and little between the ears. In our ever more interconnected world, these days many thieves wear suits, have charm, act in a sophisticated manner and make out they are on our side.

How much are you expecting to receive as a retirement income?

Dave Watson: Fat cats creaming off millions is why radical pension reform is needed

The impact of auto-enrolment on pensions has been huge, with workplace pension coverage rising from 46.5 per cent in 2012 to 72.9 per cent in 2017.

Trevi Fountain in Rome is on many people's bucket lists. Picture: TSPL

Most over-50s aim to finish ‘bucket list’

Only a quarter of over people over the age of 50 say they have achieved all they wanted to in life, while five out of six say they still have things to tick off their “bucket list”.

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Glasgow University graduates. Picture: submitted

Martin Lewis: 1000s have overpaid their student loans

This is a clarion call to everyone who’s been to university in the last 20 years or so. Hundreds of thousands of you have overpaid your student loans and with one quick phone call could be entitled to hundreds or thousands of pounds back.

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Make sure that your employer puts the maximum into your pension by raising the amount you save from your salary ' and it will pay off for your retirement in the long run. Picture: PA

Martin Lewis: how will your income be affected by the new pension changes?

Congratulations and commiserations. If you’re an employee aged 22 or more, earning over £10,000 a year, you’ve likely just had a hidden pay rise and a hidden pay cut at the same time.

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Banking on the move has been a major factor in the number of branches being shut, with the Royal Bank of Scotland responsible for 350 closures since 2015. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: We’re not ready for a world without bank branches

It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote about the closure of bank branches, and my first-hand experience of seeing the impact of closures in rural areas.

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ZoneFox has been a key client for Edinburgh Archangels

Edinburgh Archangels syndicate recognised after record year

Archangels, the Edinburgh-based business angel ­syndicate, has received a top accolade following a record year of investment.

Make sure you check the small print and look at your other options when deciding whether you can afford to take out a loan. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: Get credit where it’s due

Borrowers may be paying more than they budgeted for when going for the best personal loan deals thanks to the growing gap between advertised “teaser” rates and the actual rate offered when they apply, new research shows.

Budgeting for a long life after work is crucial and for many a sobering reality, says Duffy. Picture: contributed.

Jim Duffy comment: For many, reality of retirement is frugal not flash

As many of us ponder ­retirement and a slowdown from the busy work environment, what do we expect will happen?

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Banks and building societies made �2.3 billion in overdraft fees in 2016 alone, 30 per cent of which came from customers' unplanned overdrafts. Picture: John Devlin

Gareth Shaw: Put a stop to rip-off bank charges now

It always seems to happen. My day starts off quite serenely and then before I know it, a huge story breaks and my best-laid plans go out the window as I go on TV and radio to bring Which?’s fight for consumers out to the wider world.

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