Video: Scotland's lochs in facts, figures and useless information

Nessie steals all the headlines, but did you know Scotland has another prehistoric monster lurking in one of its many lochs?

Loch Lomond and Loch Ness are hot destinations for tourists and locals alike, but Scotland boasts more than 31,000 lochs.

The deepest loch in Scotland could submerge the London Shard with a few meters to spare.

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A 90-minute drive from Nessie’s turf, another loch has had 30 sightings of a similar prehistoric monster since 1887.

Then there’s the lochs that were drained and no longer exist - 300 souls were drowned in a manmade loch in the heart of a major Scottish city during the witch trials.

For more information on lochs than you’ll ever need to know, tune in to the video player above.