How much do you know about the midge?

Midge Trivia: These are 10 fascinating facts about Scotland's most ferocious and feared predator

Many a Scottish adventure has been ruined by a midge attack, but how much do you know about the much-hated insects.

We’re lucky in Scotland to be home to some of Europe’s most magnificent animals – playful otters, cute red squirrels, elusive wildcats, regal red deer and majestic golden eagles.

Unfortunately it’s also home to an estimated 180,750 trillion Highland Mid ges, each one capable of giving a painful and itchy bite.

As if that isn’t bad enough, they tend to hunt in packs, with thousands descending from seemingly nowhere to feast on your skin.

There are numerous hints and tips to stop becoming their next victim, but there are plenty of other interesting things about the flying menace.

Here are 10 midge facts you might not know.

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