10 of the best spots in Scotland for stargazing

At just just 68 people per square km, Scotland's population density is one of the lowest in Europe - making it the perfect place for stargazing.

Stargazing in Scotland

The country is home to several "Dark Sky Parks" - areas with very low levels of light pollution to allow the clearest views of the night sky. We've rounded up some of the best parks and spots for seeing the stars in all their glory.

In 2016 Moffat was awarded Dark Sky Community Status after night-sky-friendly lighting was rolled out in the town. Here you'll be able to see at least 17 of the stars that make up the four corner points of Orion.

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The Isle of Coll goes even further than Moffat - it has no streetlights at all. In 2013 it was named Scotland's second Dark Sky Park and the world's second Dark Sky Island.
Kintyre is a particularly special stargazing spot due to the fact that the Milky Way is often visible from its west coast. West Kintyre Stargazers often hold stargazing events and talks that you can attend.
The picturesque Isle of Skye is blessed with nine Dark Sky Discovery Sites which are all perfect for stargazing. In winter, you may even be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights if you're in the right spot.
Moray is another fantastic spot for clear-sky stargazing, with an astronomy club that has plenty of equipment to maximise your experience. They also put out alerts to let you know whether the Aurora Borealis is visible.
Loch Assynt is a very remote spot in the very North of Scotland, but well worth the trek for gorgeous, unpolluted skies. You'll find a Dark Sky Discovery site on the north-west banks of the loch.
In the remote area of Tomintoul and Glenlivet lies the most northerly Dark Sky Park in the world with amazing night-time views of the stars in the sky.
Near Loch Doon in Carrick is the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory which runs regular events and stargazing sessions to make sure you don't miss the best of the night sky.
If you're looking for a stargazing spot that's a little less remote, Newbattle Abbey is one of the best spots you'll find close to Edinburgh. It's been awarded "Orion Site" status meaning the eight main stars of Orion are visible.
Orkney and Shetland's islands are more great spots for stargazers hoping for a glimpse of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis as well as having good dark skies for ordinary stargazing.