Out Of The Blue

C (VENUE 34)

ALL suited and booted, the 12-strong male voice ensemble Out Of The Blue are twice the number and half the age of their a cappella counterparts, The Magnets.

Several group members look like they still use stabilisers on their bikes but at least one of their number has actually reached puberty, with the bushy beard to prove it. He's obviously the older brother figure, keeping the group in tune, providing their bass rhythm and no doubt advising them about girls and other stuff.

Individually, a couple of the singers have beautiful fluent voices; collectively, they make a wonderful celebratory sound. It is clear from the start of their too-brief set that these boys absolutely love singing.

Their enthusiasm is highly contagious, and the capacity crowd in C's basement theatre lap up their version of Stevie Wonder's Superstition, even if the sight of a bunch of callow schoolboys getting down and funky is a little odd.

Out Of The Blue are very easy to warm to, however, and by the time they are plying their serenading skills on three actual flesh-and-blood women plucked from the audience, it seems perfectly feasible that these toyboys could charm a Barbie doll into life.

It's not all raunch and sophistication - they perform some songs, such as Coldplay's Fix You and Van Morrison's Crazy Love, in straight angelic choirboy style.

They are at their most entertaining, however, when they are having fun with McFly's Five Colours In Her Hair, preceded for some reason by a burst of O Fortuna from Carmina Burana and a blast of dry ice, and with their Pan's People-style interpretative dance routine to The Coral's Dreaming Of You.

Their Franz Ferdinand medley, complete with massed robot dancing, is a hoot and they go to town with the cheesy choreography for Sex Bomb and a showstopping finale of Fat Bottomed Girls which would have Freddie Mercury stomping in his grave.

If you don't have fun at this show, you are officially the curmudgeon of the Millennium.

• Until 28 August. Wednesday 2.45pm