Online card company launches festive charity postcards in bid to tackle loneliness this Christmas

A time for togetherness card.
A time for togetherness card.
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The special collection of Christmas postcards have been created for those who might be feeling isolated and lonely at this time of year.

This Christmas online card company thortful have partnered with Facebook community Postcards of Kindness to launch a range of cards that can be sent to care homes, where the team hope they will help to inspire memories and spark conversation at a time of year that can be difficult for some.

Thinking of you at Christmas

Thinking of you at Christmas

The card concepts were developed by people living with dementia, and brought to life by thortful's designers. 100 per cent of the Christmas postcards’ profit will go to charity Dementia Adventure, which partners with Enable-Scotland, a charity that works to make life better for people who have a learning disability – and their families.

Dementia Adventure CEO Vivienne Depledge says: "Many of us know someone affected by dementia, which can be a very isolating condition. After diagnosis, a third of people say that they have lost friends and their social lives decline.

"People can find themselves spending most of their time indoors and unable to take part in activities they once enjoyed. This dramatically affects their sense of purpose and well-being so we are delighted to be working alongside thortful as part of this campaign.

"We invited our advisory group of people living with dementia to have the opportunity to be involved in the design process. We would hope that these cards will encourage many people to reach out with messages of friendship and kindness this Christmas"

Christmas memory markers

Christmas memory markers

Victoria Weller, Managing Director of Your Health Limited and creator of the Postcards of Kindness project comments: “We are always looking for new ways to connect our residents with other people, and encourage their involvement in the wider community.

"I used to send cards to my nana about my adventures in between visits to her when I was younger. I knew then just how much those cards meant to her and was so keen for our residents to experience the happiness triggered when we receive a handwritten card just for us.

"This year we wanted to share those memories, and the anticipation of waiting for the postman with other care homes around the UK and beyond. We are so proud of the project and how far it has reached and know that people will support us in sharing festive memories with our elderly community and care homes in the group.”

The details of some of the cards and their concepts are below, and the A5 cards can be bought on the thortful website or via the app, where you can purchase a card, write a note and send it to a participating care home.

‘A time for togetherness’

This card concept is by Dr Joy Watson who said: "My passion is for helping people affected by dementia to live as well as they can. This idea brought together the spirit of Christmas and it gave me a voice to express what kindness looks like."

‘Christmas memory markers’

This card was designed using feedback from Howard Gordon who said:"I got involved (with the charity) because, sadly, many people have no family or contact not just at Christmas. I want to say you’re not alone. It will hopefully put a smile on someone’s face."

‘Thinking of you at Christmas’

This card was inspired by an original photograph by Dr James McKillop MBE, who says: "You can be a person again (after diagnosis) and respected for what you can still do. I want the viewer to be able to go out into the world, and enjoy being alive. Let your talents, whatever they may be, flourish. I have seen some wonderful original work done by people with dementia after diagnosis. I want them to say "I can do that too".’

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