X marks the spot as Tesla lands in Scotland

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Tesla’s bewinged Model X has touched down in Scotland as the manufacturer gears up for an assault on the SUV market.

The all-electric Model X, complete with those spectacular ‘Falcon Wing’ rear doors is now on display at Tesla’s store on Edinburgh’s exclusive 
Multrees Walk.

Tesla boasts that the Model X is the safest, quickest and most capable SUV in the world. 
It’s certainly one of the most striking.

Built on the same platform as the firm’s Model S saloon, the five-metre-long Model X uses a bank of batteries built into the floor to power electric motors at the front and rear.

Even in the tamest guise the 60D, with 60kW batteries, is good for 0-60mph in six seconds. At that level the X will travel roughly 220 miles on a single charge.

Two larger battery options are avaiable – 70kW (70D) and 90kW (90D) – each bringing more range, 260 miles for the 75D and just over 300 for the 90D.

At the very top of the range is the P90D, which can reach 60mph in a supercar-
worrying 3.8 seconds. If that’s still not enough the optional ‘Ludicrous’ mode will propel the full-size SUV in just 
3.2 seconds.

Away from the drivetrain the car is packed with other innovations, including Tesla’s famed Autopilot mode and an endless array of active and 
passive safety features to protect passengers.

There are also doors that sense your approach and open obliginly before swinging shut behind you once you’re settled.

And those Falcon Wing doors use sonar to scan their surroundings before adjusting their swing to avoid any 
low roofs or neigbouring 

The car has been creating a buzz around the world and Edinburgh is no different.

A spokesman at Tesla’s Multree’s Walk site said: “There’s been phenomenal interest since it arrived. There was already a lot of interest but now people can physically see the car and see everything in action.”

And he admitted that customers weren’t the only ones excited to see the Model X in the metal.

“Having it here and spending time getting to know it has blown us all away.”

The Model X comes in five, six and seven-seat layouts. Prices start at £64,100 for a five-seat 60D, rising to £103,200 for a seven-seat P90D. If you want to engage Ludicrous mode, you’ll need to shell out another £8,700 to unlock its potential.