TESTBENCH: Smart Ebike

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£2,495 www.smart.co.uk

I’m no mechanic, but this doesn’t look like a car. Well, it’s got wheels and a motor, so it makes the cut.

What’s so Smart about it? That’s the name of the company which makes it – as in Smart cars – part of the Daimler-Mercedes group.

Ooh, posh! Yes, with a posh price tag to match.

So what’s it like? Jolly good fun, as it goes. The 200-watt motor kicks in as you pedal, making uphill climbs a cinch and helping you get off the mark up to 15mph.

I’ve got to pedal? Yes, it’s the law.

What happens above 15mph? It stops helping you and cycling becomes, literally, a bit of a drag. As with all electric bikes, it’s heavy, you see.

So I won’t win the Tour de France on it? Well, you might give a good account of yourself in the mountains, but the commissaires will want a quiet word.

Oh well. Looks cool though. Yes, and rattle free as well. A carbon-reinforced belt replaces the chain, meaning no more oily trousers. Ideal for the commute to work 
Trousers? I was going to wear Lycra shorts. I’d rather you didn’t.